Great American Road Trip *

Created by Sean Pixler

Essential Skills


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Understand the use of geographic tools to locate and analyze information about people, places, and environments.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Collaborate with peers, experts, and others using interactive technology.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Create an effective spending plan using informed decision–making skills.


Essential Concept and/or Skill: Model the process of financial planning based on personal prioritization of wants and needs.



In this actvity students work in pairs to plan a 10 day road trip vacation anywhere in the United States as long as the final destination is over 500 miles away.  The partners will be given $2500 and must use all 10 days.  Where the students stay, how far they drive per day, the route they take, etc.,  is entirely up to them.  They must budget for the entire trip and keep track of their expenses along the way.  Those expenses include food, lodging, gas, tourist attraction expenses, souveneirs, etc.  As they work through this must agree upon all of these things.  In order to complete this assignment students will need to use the Google Maps app, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.  The Google Maps app will be used to determine the route which the students will take along the way.  Google Slides will be used to create a "photo album" with descriptions of their travels that they will later present to the class.  The Google Sheets will be used to keep track of their day to day expenses along the way and can be broken down by predetermined categories decided by the teacher or left open ended to allow students freedom to have to work through that portion of the assignment as well.  Other helpful links for determining travel expenses includes websites for Gas Prices and Hotels.  Other websites will be used to determine tourist attractions visited, their costs, and any other expenses.


Chromebook or laptop and a projector for student presentations

Grade Spans