Using Zaption to illustrate thinking during reading *

Created by Leslie Althoff

Essential Skills

Identify the central idea or theme of a story, drama or poem.

Identify a story element that undergoes change from beginning to end.

Determine the point of view of the narrator.

Demonstrate understanding of text while engaged in individual or group reading of stories, dramas, and poems.


Students use YouTube to find a recorded version of a picture book.  Students use Zaption to interject thoughts into a recorded version of a picture book, short story or poem.  If a chosen story is not found recorded on YouTube or a similar site that can be embedded into Zaption (vimeo, PBS, many different sources can be embedded), the student could use a recording app/tool to place the story on YouTube.

Students can be asked to focus on one specific comprehension skill: drawing inferences, compare/contrast, determining theme, making predictions, etc., or can simply make "bookmarks" with their thoughts during the story.

Students can also insert illustrations, photos, links, other videos, etc. if they wish to illustrate connections made during reading or point out another feature of the author's craft.

Through prior modeling, students should know the type of language that would indicate they were thinking critically about the text.  (think about Reading With Meaning, Strategies That Work, Comprehension Toolkit, etc.)




Recorded picture book -or-

recording device and picture book

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