Two Choice Tuesdays *

Created by Karen Niblock

Essential Skills

Essential Concept and/or Skill: Understand current social issues to determine how the individual is able to formulate opinions and respond to those issues. (SS.6-8.BS.5


Students will search and find online the Democratic and Republican platforms.   They will pick a plank and narrow that to an issue that they will then research and figure out if the Presidential Candidate truly supports that issue and whether they agree or disagree.  They will then post in Today's Meet ( questions or comments about that issue and discuss this on "Two Choice Tuesdays".  They will vote with their feet (move to a group that agrees with them), create three points for a mini debate and debate that plank with their opponents.  They will then write a reflection in Google Classroom that states their position on the issue and discusses how they came to have that position. Discussion with their parents, other students and other trusted adults is encouraged.  

Grade Spans